Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Yes, I realize he is a dog not a child

So since Brad and I adopted Manny my friends and family have poked fun at me for treating Manny like a baby. So what if I like to cuddle him, carry him around like a baby, make him homemade cookies, buy him shirts and sweaters, created a fan page for him on facebook, and post a ton of pictures of him?? Ok, so re-reading that, I may seem a bit obsessed with my dog, but wouldn't you be?? How can you not love his precious face?? So in homage to my favorite pup, here are some of his most recent pictures...

Lion and I are ready for bed mommy

Relaxing with his great Uncle Abe

"The Smirk"coined by my friend, Heather Wheeler

I love my momma!!!

Besos from his Uncle David

Manny Red Riding Hood

I had lots of fun in Dallas mommy, but it's time to go home. I miss my yard

Post bath time

Someone sure loves his sleep!

Taking care of his mommy when she was sick on Monday

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's a musical lovin' kinda day...What Your Favorite Musical Says About You...

What Your Favorite Musical Says About You

Jan. 3, 2013
Chelsea Fagan is a writer living in Paris. It's less pretentious than it sounds.
Few things say as much about us as the musicals we have devoted way too much of our fangirl/boy free time to. Whether it’s a serious(ish) melodrama or an over-the-top farce, your favorite musical is the best part part of who you are as a human being.


You are all about the underdog, the villain, learning the story behind the most misunderstood characters of our youth. Never the pretty, popular one yourself, you have a tendency to side with the misfits who are easily thrown under the bus when times get tough. Aside from your vaguely sexual and certainly crippling attraction to Idina Menzel (something we all have, regardless of orientation), you are all about a new take on an old story, especially if it includes a song as good as “Defying Gravity.”
Wicked (2003 Original Broadway Cast)

Les Miserables
Sometimes you just like to sit in your room and cry and think about how difficult life was for people in early-19th century France, okay??? You are not here to be judged — you like things that are sad… like, egregiously sad, sad to the point of scarcely making sense anymore. You have yet to meet a character you wouldn’t want to go through an absurd amount of trials and tribulations before reaching a semi-happy ending which actually isn’t that happy if you think about it for two minutes beyond the end of the song. There is just something refreshing in all of the somberness, especially when coupled with rousing, revolutionary marches. Also, you are secretly Eponine. #WeAreAllEponine


You are a little too classic for your own good. You probably like vanilla ice cream, roller coasters that don’t go very high, and boys that call you back at a reasonable hour. But then, of course, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. You don’t need to have some flashy new musical be your favorite and be that Special Snowflake who is on the cutting edge. (Also, if Grease 2 is legitimately your favorite musical ever, you are now my new best friend. Only the realest and most perfect humans can successfully love that masterpiece in the face of the tidal waves of hot, salty Haterade which crash down upon it.)

West Side Story

You are all about the idea of gangsters existing in some charming version of New York in which fighting is replaced by highly choreographed dancing. You would be totally down to join some kind of a gang if it involved pirouettes and coordinated snapping. You’d even love to get stabbed by a rhinestone-studded pocketknife and bleed sparkling blood. Adorable!

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

Just kidding, no one likes this musical. If you disagree, you are lying. It is physically impossible to enjoy.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Anything campy and kitsch is your favorite thing. You love getting dressed up and getting into things — being a part of the show — and it wouldn’t surprise me if you were the kind of person who sings along during songs so loudly that others can’t hear the actual singer. After all, this excuse to dress up insane, ripped up, semi-gothic hooker garb is as good as any other, amirite? You also enjoy constantly addressing your gender-bending love for Frank-N-Furter, which is KA-RAZY because you are a STR8 GURL and he is KROSS-DRESSING omggggggggg.

Avenue Q

Let’s be honest, this whole musical is just a little to #real when it comes to live in general. You’re either Kate, undesirable and perpetually messing up with her various crushes, or you’re straight out of college with a BA in something useless about to get hilariously exploited by the insane real estate/job market. Or you’re a terrible combination of both. In any case, you relate to this because it is one of the few musicals that doesn’t make people in their 20s and 30s look like some unrealistic magical creatures who have fabulous apartments with their imaginary money. Even if they’re foam puppets, the characters of the Q just get you.


There is just something so incredibly beautiful to you about the combination of uplifting rock-n-roll numbers and horrible, fatal disease. For some odd reason, few things make you wax as romantically about New York as seeing some of its most dark, unfortunate corners — especially when accented by unforgivable 90s clothes. There is at least one character who gets you entirely/makes you wish that you were a tragic bohemian living in the West Village and/or stripping, and there is at least one song which, in only the first few notes, will systematically make you cry like an enormous, ugly baby.

Mamma Mia

You either really love ABBA or you really love Meryl Streep. There is no way Amanda Seyfried won you over on this one.

The Phantom of the Opera

There is no level of cheeseball which is too cheeseball for you. There is RENT cheeseball, which is not quite enough. Then there is Les Miserables cheeseball, which is getting closer but still not quite enough cloying period costumes and ridiculous operatics. But then there is Phantom of the Opera cheeseball, which is the only level of soap opera-level absurd to quench your undeniable thirst for over-the-top sopranos and completely unbelievable love stories. You need Phantom, because there is nothing else quite like it.


You understand the purpose of Cats and genuinely enjoy it. That is the only criteria. That, in and of itself, is an extreme accomplishment.


There is just something extremely sexy to you about jazz, prohibition, gangsters, and the general look of a sequined flapper dress. You have likely sung/performed “The Cell Block Tango” for your friends enough that they have learned to hate the words “pop” and “squish” in their daily lives. You also have never found a moment in life that didn’t call for a little bit of jazz hands, and are proud of having a movie adaptation that is among the better ones in the musical theater world. (I’m looking at you, Phantom)


There is at least part of you which totally identifies with Tracy Turnblad. And even if you think that the musical will never quite live up to the subversive genius of the John Waters film, your love for the musical lives almost independently of the original material. You realize that almost every song on the soundtrack could have just been a legitimate song on the radio in the early 60s, and the style of wearing your hair several feet above the end of your forehead is something that should have never gone out of style. Also, you would totally bang Zac Efron wearing an argyle sweater vest.

Jesus Christ Superstar

You are almost too kitschy to function, but you’re not kitschy in a Rocky Horror way, so you’re bearable to talk to at house parties.

A “Les Miz” Character Guide

Just know that I love Les Mis, but this is still pretty funny...

A “Les Miz” Character Guide

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In case you need a laugh...

Courses They Should Actually Be Teaching In College

Dec. 24, 2012
Audj Sunu resides in Los Angeles. She has one mind that's all over the place, two left feet, and ten fingers that ...

Health & Lifestyle

  • Responsible Partying: You’re Not a Sorority Girl Anymore
  • Feigning Disinterest in Costume Parties
  • Overcoming Your Red Solo® Cup Dependency Once and For All
  • Surviving Your Twenties Without Doing Irreparable Damage to Your Body or Your Dignity (Whatever Comes First)
  • How to Dance at Weddings
  • Intro to Gerontology: When Memorization of Popular Song Lyrics, Boy Band Star Names and Other Such Inanities Stops Coming Naturally


  • How Not to Be The Low-Hanging Fruit OR How Not to Be The Destination at the End of the Path to Least Resistance (Depending on Your Metaphorical Wording Preferences)
  • Making New Friends, Non-Creeper Style
  • Identifying the Greenness of the Grass on Your Side
  • Game Theory: #Winning Despite Your Hatred of Having to Play In The First Place
  • How It’s Done: Gray Area Casual Dating
  • Intro to Urban Planning: Erecting Airtight Friend Zones and Circles of Trust


  • Reading Between the (Email) Lines
  • Advancement 101: Delegating Work to Underlings Despite Still Feeling Like One Yourself
  • Effective Pain Management Techniques: Networking & Mixers
  • Outwitting Passive-Aggressive Coworkers With — You Guessed It — Even More Passive-Aggression
  • The Art of Powering Through 1,497 Unread Emails After Getting Back From That Vacation You Took Precisely to Avoid the Cesspool That Is Your Inbox
  • $3 Sake Bombs and Other Happy Hour Fundamentals


  • Cultivating a Political Backbone Without Irritating Your Loved Ones on Facebook
  • 50 Non-Reddit-Sourced Ways to Exude Coolness Given Your Dwindling Pop Culture Prowess
  • Coping Skills: When Reality TV Is The Closest To Reality You Get
  • Emerging Household Trends: Repopulating the Empty Nest
  • Intro to Civic Participation: Perennial Under-informed Voting (If You Even Make It to the Polls) and Jury Duty Avoidance Tactics

Technology & Social Media

  • Zen Basics: Teaching Your Parents How to Use Technology Without Imploding
  • Proper, Adult-like News Consumption When All You Want to Do is Read BarStoolSports, ThoughtCatalog, or PerezHilton
  • The Art Of Wasting Precious Time On The Interwebz
  • Self-Rescue Techniques: When You Find Yourself in the “Weird” Parts Of YouTube
  • Post-Limewire Age Music Acquisition for Dummies
  • Explaining AOL, MySpace, GeoCities, Friendster, and Xanga to Today’s Youth

Everything Else

  • Acclimation 101: When Nothing Surprises You Anymore
  • Suppressing Shame and Schadenfreude So No One Notices It (Or So You Think)
  • Data Skills: Managing the Unnecessary Overabundance of Choice in Practically Every Aspect of Modern Life
  • Personal Finance Fluency By Way Of Cheesy Self-Help Blogs & Books
  • Advanced List-making: When You’ve Lost the Ability to Form Cohesive Paragraphs of Interconnected Thoughts

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