Thursday, May 17, 2012

Channeling your inner Five year old...

The semester is finally coming to an end, thank g-d, and while I love my job, I've definitely had some trying moments. Some unfortunately more than others. However, whenever I need a break, I think of my goofy fiance and his countless alliterations to one of my favorite shows ever, Sesame Street and of course, almost anything with the Muppets.

When I was younger I would love to sit my keester right in front of the TV and watch my favorite characters yuck it up on the screen. Here are some of the most memorable snippets for me...

Near & Far with Grover- Such a classic!!

A newie but goody!!

C is for Cookie, is good enough for me :)

Such a cutie!!

Classic Shalom Sesame!

Pigs in Spaaaace and Swedish Chef hee hee

Hee hee

Just remember, it's always ok to act your shoe size and not your age!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sadie Sadie Married Lady

It's May 15th and I honestly thought that now that my students are gone I can finally breathe. Well, it was short lived because our wedding is RIGHT around the corner, nbd. I think the silence with the students now gone has shocked me into reality. As of today, we are 26 days away!! Ahh! I'm so excited yet slightly nervous because there's still so much to do. Thank g-d for Shavuot! Otherwise we'd be getting married next weekend!

But all freaking out aside, I am so excited to marry Brad and share our exciting day with our friends and family. I'm also ridiculously excited to see all of my friends from far and near that I haven't seen in a long time. Mini KU/Gonzaga/Gamma reunion?? Sounds good!

In fact, Brad and I made our first step toward making it official today by visiting the Bryan Courthouse. Check out our lovely souvenir.

I can almost hear Barbara Streisand singing in my ear, "Sadie, sadie, married lady, That’s who? That’s you. That’s me--married lady."

 It's amazing how our lives have come together so quickly and how bright our future is. I can't wait to be Melanie Married Lady, homeowners, and maybe just maybe a mommy in 3-4 years. Wow, what an adventure!

Monday, May 7, 2012

All things Manolo

I'm still amazed at how quickly time has flown by. It feels like it was just yesterday that Brad was offered a job here at A&M and we met our little Manolito for the first time. And speaking of our little bundle of fun, Manolo Martinez Esquenazi Krugel is officially 9 months old!!


And because we're proud parents, we just had to share these adorable pics...

Manny's already sporting his future alma mater! He's going to major in Communications, just like Mommy and Daddy

I'm walking on sunshine-Woah! And don't it feel good?!

Love at first sight??

Manny is not amused! Bath time is not synonymous with fun time

My cuddle bug

Until next time!

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Life is sweet

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And they lived happily ever after

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One day a beautiful Jewish girl met a nice Jewish boy and made their mothers very, very, very happy

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