Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Ode to Baby Blue

Last weekend we made the difficult but necessary decision to go furniture shopping. A few hours later we left with a new couch, ottoman, table, and accent chair, the couch and chair were definitely in the plan, the others...not so much but we figured go big or go home. Plus you know that I can't say no to a good sale. With the purchase of our new couch it was time to say goodbye to our current one, my beloved baby blue. You may think I'm crazy dedicating an entire blog post to a couch however, I promise that there is a method to this bit of madness.

My relationship with Baby Blue began in the summer of 2007 when I moved from Kansas to Florida for my job with then Webster College now Rasmussen. My grandparents and parents graciously offered to help me furnish my apartment with new furniture. My mom and I found her at Rooms to Go and we both instantly fell in love. Ironically enough my parents have a couch similar in their house which always made me feel a connection to my Texas roots while I was away. 

 While living in Tampa Baby Blue and I entertained friends and family from near and far, She comforted me when boys were mean and I just wanted to cry it out, supported me on lazy weekends when I wanted to watch tv or movies, and brightened up my living room wherever I moved. When the opportunity presented itself to move back to Texas I had decided that I had moving down to a science. A great crew of professional movers carried her off and we'd reunite in College Station.

In College Station my job duties shifted significantly and I worked a lot of late nights programming for both Hillel and after changing jobs, Texas A&M where I worked for the Memorial Student Center. In my rare free time my apartment was filled with students whom became friends as well as friends and family now that we were geographically closer. Baby Blue "supported" me throughout the remainder of my arduous Masters program and was my comfort zone when I wanted a relaxing moment to myself. Although Blue had moved with me what felt like thousands of miles she was still in one piece and I worked hard to protect her from harm, namely, liquids, food, etc. After I met Brad and our relationship became serious and committed we moved Blue as well as his sofas across the complex to our two bedroom apartment in the same complex. This is where Blue would meet a very special little "boy."

Boy/Puppy Meets Couch

In August of 2011 Brad and I adopted our now 4 1/2 year old pup Manolo Martinez Esquenazi Weiser Krugel, Manny for short. Manny came into our world like a whirlwind and we've loved him every since. He has also loved his couches whether they were Brad's purple couches or Blue he always found his place, usually on top so he could have the best view or sleeping soundly on the cushions. This love affair and admiration began with Baby Blue when he was a baby. 

As he got older he would move around but when we got home after work he was usually in the same spot, snoozing in between the pillows waiting for us to get home. 

When we moved into our house in College Station we had the perfect set and finally were able to combine all of Brad's and my furniture in one place. Our friends would come visit as would my students so needless to say our couches were well loved. Our families would also come visit as well and I have some wonderful memories specifically of Alle and Abuelo. I'll never forget when abuelo came to visit College Station for the last time he and Alle fell asleep on Baby Blue which always warms my heart when I think about it. I think this specific memory stands out because my parents and my couch share similar moments where I'd often find the two Manolos asleep together.

Alle and Manny also spent some quality time together as well. 

After our move to our house I started to notice that Baby Blue was starting to fade but I wasn't quite ready to move on yet. This couch was more than a couch. When I lost Abuelo and became emotional I always found myself gravitating to my couch. This couch, this object made of wood and cloth, was not just a couch but instead a vessel full of years of love and it was something that was given to me by my abuelo. It was a touchstone and something that comforted me and connected us. So I refused to let her go when we moved. Baby Blue semi survived the move to Pittsburgh. Our movers were not the most gentle and the creaks when you sat began to grow louder and more prominent but there she sat in our living room to continue to support and love us in our new home. 

In Pittsburgh Manny's bond with Baby Blue grew. Here he assumed his position of neighborhood watch and protector of his people and home. 

Over the past year the 9 1/2 years have begun to show and the creaks and groans when you sit have become more prominent so I prepared myself of the inevitability of saying goodbye. As hard of a decision as it it was I know that Abuelo would not want me to hold onto a slowly breaking couch. He would want us to find something new to bring us joy, comfort, and furniture that will support our hopefully soon growing family for years to come. When we made the decision to buy new furniture I knew that I couldn't bear leaving her on the sidewalk.  Luckily we found some graduate students in need so Baby Blue could go to a good home. 

In reflecting on our almost 10 years together I've found that this couch embodies my relationship with my grandparents in so many ways. Both were always there for me, they comforted and supported me, they were with me in times of joy and sadness, they shared the weight of many decisions that I made in my life, and always made me feel like I was home wherever they were. And I am so incredibly greatful to them and how they have changed my life. Home is where your heart, and my case, your couch, is.

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Life is sweet

Life is sweet

And they lived happily ever after

And they lived happily ever after

One day a beautiful Jewish girl met a nice Jewish boy and made their mothers very, very, very happy

One day a beautiful Jewish girl met a nice Jewish boy and made their mothers very, very, very happy

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